Phat Diem Stone Cathedral

Phat Diem Stone Cathedral is one of the most famous and beautiful churches in Vietnam with special architecture: an elegant combination between Western church architecture style and Vietnamese religious buildings.

It took 24 years to build this church from 1875 to 1899. And as its name suggests, it was completely built of stone and wood that are readily available in the mountain area of Ninh Binh. The preparation phase, mainly extracting materials from limestone mountains, took the local as many as 10 years to finish. Phat Diem Cathedral is a complex comprising of a lake, a cathedral, a stone church, Phuong Dinh (bell house) and three artificial grottoes. Around Phat Diem Cathedral, there are a lot of beautiful stone caves and artificial mountains. Dayly masses are at 5 AM and 5 PM. With artistic design and skillful technique, Phat Diem Cathedral is a pride of many local Ninh Binh people.